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Expression Stats

The difference between Expression Stats and common stats is that common stats can show frequencies only in a specific spots in a hand. Expression stats, for example, AGGRESSION or WENT TO SHOWDOWN, don't show frequencies in any specific spot and are calculated based on mathematical expression.

You may create expression stats in Expression stats editor where your should specify an expression which will be used to calculate a stat. You may find more information about expression syntax here.

Expression Custom Stats

At this moment only common stats can be used as arguments in an expression syntax. You can't use other expression stats in a formula.

‒ How to create a stat AGGRESSION?

You may find examples of some stats, including AGGRESSION, here

‒ How to show sample on an expression stat in HUD?

You need to create another expression stat which shows the sample. By default, Hand2Note doesn't calculate sample on expression stats.

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