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Getting Started with Hand2Note

1. Download Hand2Note installer from our website and follow installation instructions.

Hand2Note requires .Net Framework 4.6 or higher installed. You maybe asked to install this component during installation dialog. Please, be patient, it may take several minutes.

If you use 32-bit Windows version then you should download 32-bit installer here

2. Start Hand2Note

3. Import some hands histories into Hand2Note. You may import hands from directory, file or HM2/PT4 Database. You may skip this step if you don't have any hand history yet

IPoker hand histories import from PT4 is not supported because PT4 converts IPoker hand histories in its own unique format

Hand2Note main window Pic. 1. Hand2Note main window with Import Folder button

4. Go to Configuration -> Rooms and adjust preferred seats. It is also recommended to enter your nickname. Please, check nickname spelling carefully because you wil experience unexpected behavior in HUD if you make a mistake in your nickname

Rooms configuration Pic. 2. Rooms configuration in Hand2Note

6. Go to Configuration -> autoimport Folders and specify the destination where poker client saves hand histories.

Hand history autoimport folders Pic. 3. autoimport Folders configuration in Hand2Note

On PokerStars you may find it in hand history options

PokerStars hand history settings Pic. 4. Hand History Options in PokerStars client

If you are using Hand2Note and HoldemManager/PokerTracker then you should adjust autoimport from trackers database to avoid conflicts during autoimport.

7. Ensure that your poker client is in English language

8. To enable Positional and Dynamic HUD support start from Administrator one of the additional tools integrated with Hand2Note. The list of additional tools providing Hand2Note Dynamic HUD support you may find in our FAQ Supported Rooms. You may skip this step and your Positional HUD will work based on the information from previous hand assuming that nobody sit-outed since previous hand.

HUD in Zoom is not supported without additional tools described in FAQ Supported Rooms

9. Set chat options in poker client to show actions in hand. For example, in PokerStars chat should be set to Everything.

PokerStars chat settings Pic. 5. Everything chat option in PokerStars client

10. Done!

‒ What is Dynamic and Positional HUD?

Dynamic and Positional HUD in Hand2Note relies on information in current hand and can't be built based on poker hand histories. In other software HUD is built based on information from previous hand which is available from hand histories

‒ How to enable Dynamic and Positional HUD support?

You need to use some additional tool. The exact tool depends on your poker room. For example, for PokerStars you may use StarsHelper. If you are already a user of StarsHelper then you don't need to do nothing more than just start it. More information about this question you may find in our FAQ section.