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FAQ. Moving Config

‒ How to copy my config on another computer?

In order to move your config into another directory you should copy Config folder. If you want to copy your license key too then you should copy file appoptions.

‒ How to copy notes on another computer?

Copy Notes folder to move your notes and color markers on another computer

‒ How to copy marked hands on another computer?

Copy MarkedHands folder in the root Hand2Note directory to move your marked hands on another computer

‒ How to give my config to another person?

Copy the following folders from the Config directory

Badges - contains badges
ExpressionStats - contains Expression Stats
FilterGroups - contains all available groups for postflop diagram and boards separation in stats popups
Filters - contains stats
Hud profiles - contains HUD profiles
Images - contains images for badges
Popup profiles - contains popup profiles
Replayer - contains replayer profiles. Copy this folder only if you did replayer customization
Templates - contains font, background and border templates

And files from the Config directory:

GameTypes.cg2 - contains positions of HUD elements