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IN-JOY HUD Dynamic

Last modified: 16 Nov 2019 Author: maxajiuk

Description..."IN-JOY HUD Dynamic" is a package of statistics, HUDs and popups for 2•6 max and 7•10 max cash games. Dynamic HUDs in this package are based on positional HUDs and develop their ideas. They have several unique features:
• Dynamic HUDs display information not only based on preflop positions and number of hands on an opponent, but also taking into account his postflop actions.
• They have identical design and structure of stats to our positional HUDs.
• Show additional statistics for multiway pots.
• Cover huge amount of situations (~95%) when additional statistics on players is displayed.
• Update themselves after 1500 and 10000 hands on an opponent.
• Minimize usage of popups • all the necessary information is always right in front of you.


• Calculation of EV (expected value) for your steals and bets not only depending on folding frequency, but
also depending on your bet size.
• Identical structure for HUDs and popups.
• Block structure for HUDs and popups. All stats in HUDs and popups are grouped and highlited with color.
• One "head" for all HUDS.
• Easy on eyes color scheme to minimize eye strain.
• Automatical updating of stats to positional after specific number of hands on an opponent.
• Built•in updating program, that will remind you about new version and install it for you (with your permission).
• Every stat has easy to understand generic name, like Cbet Rsd Pot, Donk 3bet Pot, Cold Call, etc.
• Postflop stats (Cbet, Fold vs Cbet, Raise vs Cbet, etc. in raised and 3bet pots) are different for different board structures and bet sizes.
• Identical popups for 1366x768 and 1920x1080+ resolutions.
• 10max games support.
• Color coding for different streets. All Flop stats have the same color, all Turn stats have the same color (but different to Flop stats), the same is for River stats.

With IN-JOY HUD you will also get all Hand2Note features:

• Reg vs Reg stats.
• Import speed up to 18k hands in a second.
• Calculation speed up to 3k hands in a second.
• Hide HUD if hero folded.
• Displaying number of samples for each stat.
• Changing of colors for different hand categories.
• Modify postflop diagrams.
• Scaleable HUD.

The package includes:

• 8 dynamic HUDs.
• 8 positional HUDs.
• 4 classical HUDs.
• over 8000 stats
• over 750 expression stats.
• 8 popups.


Run setup file and follow instruction.




from $125 / $25 per month

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